Virtual Reality Travel For Those Who Love To Explore

Imagine exploring the world for under $100.

Imagine surfing from realm to realm with artificial intelligence that reveals the earth’s secrets to you.

Imagine inviting your friends and family into a media experience that is all encompassing.

Now imagine playing a role in making this vision a reality.

Help build a virtual world powered by artificial intelligence for millions to explore




What are you waiting for?

Collaborate on a prototype that combines Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality technologies with immersive 360 degree content.

Next Steps...

Are you a VR film maker, an AI scientist, a coder, an investor, a passionate traveler, or just someone who would like to test prototypes in the VR and AI sectors? Regardless of your skill-set and background, we can find a way for you to contribute.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read one page.

-- St. Augustine.